Together we are making a poem in honor of life

NEW YORK International FRINGE Festival

New York City

October, 2018


now playing


A New Play by Dean Poynor

A family. A tragedy. A mother and father tangled in grief. Join the circle of chairs in this immersive new theatre production that follows a couple through a series of support group meetings for parents in the aftermath of a school shooting.

Performed in a church basement by real-life husband-and-wife team, The Salvage Company (NYC) is proud to bring this timely and urgent new play to life in our most intimate production yet. 


Directed by Joshua William Gelb

Starring Dean Poynor & Monica Wyche 


Sunday, October 14 at 7:00 PM   |    BUY TICKETS NOW (Sold out)

Wednesday, October 17 at 7:30 PM   |   BUY TICKETS NOW

Wednesday, October 24 at 7:30 PM   |   BUY TICKETS NOW

Friday, October 26 at 8:00 PM   |   BUY TICKETS NOW (Sold out)

Sunday, October 28 at 4:00 PM   |   BUY TICKETS NOW  (Sold out) 

Only 20 seats per showing.

All FringeNYC audiences meet at "FringeHUB" in the West Village 685 Washington St (corner of Charles St), New York, NY 10014 - Google Map and proceed to show locations in groups. (Follow the "Purple Flag") 

Please note that FringeNYC performances have no late seating. 

For industry ticket requests, please email 

Read about the origin of the play, and challenges of immersive production on The Clyde Fitch Report.

Up-close and personal.
Here’s what you should see.
— Charleston City Paper


Dean poynor




Monica Wyche



A carefully concocted portrait of two characters trying to understand the impossible
Powerful, urgent
— What to Watch
Equally cathartic and instructional
— CultureBot
Intimate, shining gems
— Post & Courier
Amazing to watch
— BuzzFeed

TOGETHER WE ARE MAKING A POEM IN HONOR OF LIFE was presented by The Salvage Company at the 2018 Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC. The production was directed by Anne Kelly Tromsness, and starred Dean Poynor and Monica Wyche. Sound design by Jayce Tromsness. 

TOGETHER WE ARE MAKING A POEM IN HONOR OF LIFE was produced in 2017 by the NiA Company, Columbia, SC. It was directed by Heather Leigh and starred Bonita Peoples and Darion McCloud.  

TOGETHER WE ARE MAKING A POEM IN HONOR OF LIFE was produced in 2015 by Visconti Productions, NYC, and presented at P.S. 142 / Amalia Castro Public School on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The production was directed by Mikhael Tara Garver and starred Allison Layman and Michael Dempsey. Design by Gabriel Hainer Evansohn, sound design by Will Pickens

TOGETHER WE ARE MAKING A POEM IN HONOR OF LIFE was developed at the 2014 Great Plains Theatre Conference as part their PlayLabs series. 

TOGETHER WE ARE MAKING A POEM IN HONOR OF LIFE was initially developed with the generous support of the Ingram New Play Lab, Nashville Repertory Theatre, Rene D. Copeland, Artistic Director, Nate Eppler, Program Director. 



The Salvage Company develops and produces theatre events that tell stories of the outcast, overlooked, and broken.

Our motto "Stories Untold" speaks to our choice of content, as well as our style. We like work that engages the audience in the storytelling in unconventional ways. And our approach to rehearsal, staging, and production tries to constantly challenge our preconceived notions of what might happen next. Through it all, we believe that listening is essential to living. And dwelling together is an act of creativity and grace. 

Founded in 2010 by wife-and-husband collaborators Monica Wyche and Dean Poynor, Sal Co. has produced shows in the United States and Australia, gaining a niche following with some of the brightest and boldest theatre voices. We love working with our friends and shining a light on their amazing talents. We are always looking for new ideas and new stories, and we'd love to stay in touch. 


the salvage company manifesto

As best we can say...

  1. We believe that things that have been wrecked can be salvaged. We see the artist as both creator and caretaker, and we choose to practice redemption in our daily work. We are gifted with the ability to make meaning, and we choose to give value to the stories untold and overlooked, that exist all around us.
  2. We believe that exposing ourselves to the stories of people on the margins increases our capacity to engage with our world. We strive to make this happen in theatrical events. This mission helps uncover the hidden and disassociated parts of ourselves. It is also our surest defense against becoming condescending assholes.
  3. We believe all creation requires embodiment: consumption, decomposition, reconstitution, and rebirth.
  4. We believe that the fundamental necessary condition for creation is love.
  5. We recognize that all human activities involve risk, and the mitigation of risk. We strive to define our risks in relation to achievement of the human spirit, rather than any monetary, numeric, or external standard.
  6. We demand authenticity from all our participants and contributors.
  7. We want to feel more deeply than we ever thought possible.
  8. We want to come into a more nuanced and more sound understanding of the issues in our world.
  9. We want to compete with Church, Government, and Your Job for a share of your soul’s allegiance because we believe we are returning to you a glimpse of your human nature as independent, abundant and sacrosanct.
  10. We want to worship something worthy.

- The Salvage Company